Maj.Gen.Mohamed Siad Barre
persuasive essay
Persuasive Essay
"In our Revolution we believe that we have broken the chain of a consumer economy based on imports, and we are free to decide our destiny. And in order to realize the interests of the Somali people, their achievement of a better life, the full development of their potentialities and the fulfillment of their aspirations, we solemnly declare Somalia to be a Socialist State."
- Siad Barre proclaims Somalia a socialist state, October 20, 1970images-7.jpg

Those were the words that jalle maxamed said barre delivered on steps of the presidential palace. It was the speech that change the further of somalia. It was the speech that lead his nation to one of most powerful nation in content of Africa . Maj. .Gen. .Maxamed Said Barre to be called “Guulwaadde Maxamed Siad Barre” (Victorious Leader" Maxamed Siad Barre ) by millions of somali people and roses a nation. This is the biography of Maj.Gen. Maxamed Siaad Barre how he change a somalia forever.

Mohamed Siad Barre was born into the Marehan clan that lives in the sothern Somalia in state called Gedo. Barre was born in Garbahaarreey ,GedoSomalia in the year 1919. Barre was an orphaned shepherd. His mother and father died and he was raised by uncles and aunts. Barre did not had formal education due to colonized by facstict italy When he was about 18 or 19 he joined italian army. Went to italy for education and military training. He studied hard and was well repeated Italian generals and solider. When world war II begin all the somali men's who lived in the italiansomiland had to fight for italy. When the went to italy they were welcomed with flowers,food and music and Italian were proud that this people would fight for their country. He became the Vice Commander of Somalia's Army when the country declared independence from Italy in july 1, 1960. The president of country at that was Aden Abdullahi Oman and the prime minster Abdirashid Ail Shermarke. Barre was great friends with theme.
Barre became an advocate of Soviet style Marxist government after spending time with Soviet officers in joint training exercises in the early 1960s. In October 20, 1969 President Abdirashid Ail Shermarke, was assassination by solider. In prime mister Mohamed Haji Ibraahim Egal become president and nation went crazy. Everyone was thinking about their clan and how everything should belong to theme. Mohamed Siad barre did like the idea and if he did not do anything the nation will enter into a civil war. So Maj. Gen. . Mohamed siad barre took the military lead the nation into bloodless coup on October 21, 1969 (the day after Shermarke's funeral), and took over. Mohamed siad Barre was to rule for the next twenty-two years will be destroyed by russia and Ethiopia . He become the the macallinka (teacher), aabaha aqoonta (father of knowledge), and Guulwaadde Mohamed Siad Barre . (Victorious Leader Mohamed Siad Barre.) to somali people. Large posters of him, were made by somalia people and would put everywhere in somalia . Most common poster were hanged im nations capital Mogadishu during his year as president of somalia. Even today with civi war going their still poster of Mohamed Siad Barre hanging in somalia. The first thing that Mohammed Siad Barre did was that introduced the Somali language as the education language. All education in government schools had to be conducted in Somali.

  • “This was necessary as there was a growing rift between those who spoke the colonial languages, and those that did not. Many of the high ranking positions in the government were given to those people that spoke either Italian or English.” David D. Laitin and Said S. Samatar, Somalia: Nation in Search of a State (Boulder: Westview Press 1987), p. 79

To keep everyone on an even playing field, the Somali language was finally written down. The Latin alphabet was selected as the means for writing the language. The establishment of the Somali language as a national language, created a new confidence in the masses. In 1972, the second anniversary of the military government, all government employees were ordered to learn to write and read Af Somali within six months. Mohamed Diriye Abdullahi, Culture and Customs of Somalia, p. 34

The second thing that Mohamed Siad Barre was start doing to do is make education possible for every one. Then stared sending million on government building and schools, university and ports, national museum of somalia, Mogadishu university , hospital Bandar, paquistani stadium stadium, german school of engineer and international airport located Mogadishu and many other work that he did for somalia nation. On october 20,1970 he called somalia “scientific socialism” he.

Mohammed Siad Barre wanted Greater Somalia which went to unite Djibouti, the Ogaden (region of Ethiopia) and the Somali region of Kenya under a so called greater Somalia.
The Ogaden region was historically a part of Somalia before European colonization, and was inhabited by ethnic Somalis. The Somalia government wanted to unite all Somalis under one nation. The Ogaden war was very successful during the first phase, with the Somali national army capturing all of the Ogaden region of Ethiopia . The Russian government supported Ethiopia. With the help of all communist world siding with Ethiopia. The Soviets began to sending aid, weapons, and training to the Ethiopians troops , and also brought in Cubans troops as to assist to Ethiopian army .” Control of Somalia was of great interest to the Soviet Union and the United States due to its strategic location at the entrance to the Red Sea.” David D. Laitin .
The united states stared sending military aid to help the Mohamed Siad Barre win war but siad wanted no help at all. He believed that somali people could win the war all by theme self.
On the international front, Siad Barre played an important role in 17 October and 18 October 1977 when a Red Army Faction group hijacked Lufthansa flight 181 to Mogadishu, Somalia, holding 86 hostages. West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt and Barre negotiated a deal to allow a GSG-9 anti-terrorist unit into Mogadishu to free the hostages. From (

In 1989 their lost of prombles with rebels attack the citients and people for clanship. it worst when russia statred to send weapones the president send troops and fought and they weekned the rebel unit ethipian troops start to join theme in battle. Now ethiopia was going to stated another war with somalia and mohmed siad barre wouldn’t loss this war. He ordered ethiopia and hargrisa(in somaila) to be bombed to ice age. The president was worried about nation and statred pass harm law’s . Unit the rebles came to mogadshui on january of 1990 and hardest killing in hsitroy of soamlia satred. The man who once was teacher is now the powerless man on earth. he died on
anuary 2,1992 Mohamed siaad barre died in lagos,Nigeria because of heart attack.he was 73 year old.

Mohamed Mohamed

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Persuasive Essay

Imagine an orphan boy taking care of his herdals will some day become powerful leader. One of the reasons I think that maxamed said barre is a hero is that he makes peace. Mohamed Said Barre was born in the year of 1919 in a poor family in south central Somalia.

When president sharmeka Ali was assassinated and parelment was going crazy. He stood as leader and elected himself as president of Somalia. I know you might think that evil or dictatorship but saved a nation from a civil war. The reason he did that was that no one would kill each other over something that was unimportant. When he took office on October 21,1969 he called that all Somali united stand as one. He stared to make law and rose up the country. He was 50 year’s old in that year. Many ways Mohamed said barre enjoyed the Somali people being united caring for one another. It took one speech to united theme all. In much way’s Mohamed said barre made lots of pace in the country and rose up and made the country pace and as a leader could make his country. “Somalia experienced economic difficulties, and many people felt that only a few individuals and clans were benefiting from independence. These concerns prompted military officers, led by Major General Mohamed Said Barre, to seize control of the government in October 1969. All Somali land, transport systems, electrical plants, banks, schools, and medical services came under government control. Many of these changes took place in the midst of a serious drought in the mid-1970.”Contributor: Stephen K. Commins, Ph.D., Director, Global Analysis and Policy, World Vision International. So in many ways said barre solved many problems and made pace throw out the countries year’s as president .The made pace with clan nation would become one.

Mohamed said barre contribution many effected to nation of Somalia and the world. When Somali economic and wealth was going down as worst recorded Mohamed said barre proofed that military power could change a nation. He stood on stadium and delivered these words on "In our Revolution we believe that we have broken the chain of a consumer economy based on imports, and we are free to decide our destiny. And in order to realize the interests of the Somali people, their achievement of a better life, the full development of their potentialities and the fulfillment of their aspirations, we solemnly declare Somalia to be a Socialist State.” as world watched Mohamed said barre was becoming very powerful. He won hearths of Somalia in Ogden war getting their land back. In much way’s said barre was the hero who was all that to people of Somalia and that made thing more powerful to the Somali people than to any other people in the world? Barre was infused by the Soviet Union way governing and how powerful and rich they are.